KohlerKOHLER Power Systems sales and service support is now just a call to Jarrett Bay away. Jarrett Bay Boatworks has joined KOHLER’s worldwide network of dealers and distributors on four continents with factory-trained technicians available at a moment’s notice.

KOHLER® is your true single source partner for every generator, alternator, control and sound shield designed, manufactured and assembled start to finish in their facilities – and Jarrett Bay can now offer the Kohler service you need, when and where you need it. Jarrett Bay also proudly features an extensive inventory of KOHLER products and genuine KOHLER parts – everything you need to get back on the water where you belong.

Whether it’s a KOHLER diesel, gas or commercial marine generator, contact us to discover why the world’s leading boat manufacturers specify KOHLER marine generators – peace of mind and dependability.

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