Every 10 minutes from 8AM-8PM EST the webcam should perform a pan from the haul-out basin to the slips out on the ICW, back around to the yard, and then back to the haul-out area.


  1. Capt Harry

    Great job with the cam!
    Rock on!
    Capt Harry

  2. Richard. Gilson

    Hey everybody,

    I love this site. I love your boats as well. I do not own one or any boat for that matter but I am still a big fan. I grew up on the Chesapeake bay & have been around boats my whole life my dad having one.

    Great job I was a big fan of rybovich yachts when I was younger and I just visited their yard while on vacation. Needless to say it was a big let down.

    But now a Jarrett Bay fan !! Some day I hope to visit yours and see and learn.
    Keep up the great job I love all the up dates !!

    Richard. Gilson

  3. John Curtice

    How about adding a camera a little to the east so I can get a look at my boat, Sea Grace. She’s on th hard at Jarrett Bay for the winter and I miss her.

  4. Joe Bendis

    what is the specs on that beast? Beam must be over 20 ft??

  5. NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort

    Great work as usuall ya’ll! We have shared the live feed on our facebook page.

  6. Chad Weis

    Very cool, even keel up she looks very sleek and sexy!

  7. Saltshaker

    Great to watch this. How big is that lift? That hull looks small in there and comparing to the 50 ton lift in the foreground I’m guessing she must be in the 150-200 ton range? Wish we had a yard like yours up here in NJ. I have a very limited selection of haul out facilities with no option in my immediate area.

  8. Capt. Sparks

    Awesome job guys. Perfect operation as usual.

  9. Saltshaker

    Very impressive and well executed. Is this the first time you flipped one this way?

  10. Jim Limberakis

    Very interesting process. The yard crew did a great job flipping the hull. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Your builds are true works of art.

  11. Gary Joyce

    That was truly ingenious …and pretty damn amazing …

  12. Pierre Pierce

    Great job of flipping BlankCheck! Thanks for the video!

  13. Saltshaker

    Pretty amazing particularly considering that was the first time using this method.

  14. Drew Jr

    Nice FLIP! That sure is a big boat!

  15. Jessica

    I work at ladies Touch upholstery in Newport and do plenty of work on the boats in your yard. Just watched a little bit of you flipping the Blank Check and we were wondering if you record and save the flipping of the boat so we can watch it on our own time??

  16. Jessica

    Awesome!! it’s nice to see my boyfriend hard at work helping with that monster of a boat!! Great job guys!

  17. BS

    Thank you for sharing the Blank Check flipping event with us! That was something you don’t get to see every day. Very interesting to watch.

  18. Capt. Joe Sizemore

    Nice job guys.

  19. Greg Cowen

    Thanks for the web cam. Good to see all you do there. I will stop by next time down the ditch to lookout..

  20. Ric

    keep up the beautiful work. gotta love that Carolina flare.

  21. RJ

    Does the naval architecture firm that did the design oversee the flip or is this handled in-house after agreeing on the final design?

    Congratulations on the successful flip and thanks for posting online, it was fun to watch.

  22. David Ferebee

    In case you missed the live show it is on

  23. Bonnie Heaney

    I’ve been watching your staff hall boats out yesterday and today. It’s interesting to watch under the circumstances. I must say though, your guys are doing a great job in this weather. I hope everyone stays safe and good luck to all the boats and yard.

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