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From the June 2017 Issue of Angler’s Journal magazine:

After years of fixing up everything from small center consoles to a Jersey 40, I bought my Jarrett Bay 53, Reel Flare. She’s hull No. 6 from Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, North Carolina. What I like about Carolina boats is their “bow-high” orientation, deep forefoot and pronounced rocker, which give them flattering following-sea characteristics.

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Deep Sea Dream http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/06/deep-sea-dream/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/06/deep-sea-dream/#respond Thu, 08 Jun 2017 15:40:51 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22955 The post Deep Sea Dream appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.

From the June 2017 issue of Our State Magazine:

Written By: T. Edward Nickens
Photography By: Jerry Wolford &
Scott Muthersbaugh

Few fishing craft sail with the heritage of this one. Launched in 1986 (and since restored and repowered), the 53-foot Sensation was the very first hull built by the legendary Jarrett Bay Boatworks of Carteret County. Jarrett Bay has grown from its humble beginnings to have a reputation as a revered boatbuilder, and “Hull No. 1,” as the Sensation is sometimes called, bridges nearly 30 years of Carolina history.

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Jarrett Bay is Your Mid-Point for Service on the East Coast http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/06/jarrett-bay-mid-point-service-east-coast/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/06/jarrett-bay-mid-point-service-east-coast/#respond Tue, 06 Jun 2017 13:35:44 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22962 The post Jarrett Bay is Your Mid-Point for Service on the East Coast appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


It has always been good to know we have Jarrett Bay halfway up the coast when delivering north and south. Every time I have pulled in needing service, I have felt like our boat was a high priority. We received prompt and proper attention, and the fastest possible turnaround, thanks to the efficient handling of our projects. Rare, these days, and so important when delivering.

Thank you for providing such outstanding service. Again.

Captain Terry Ingels

Captain Terry Ingels in Palm Beach FL

Captain Terry Ingels in Palm Beach, FL

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Atlantic Veneer and Jarrett Bay Team Up to Present the Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/02/presenting-beaufort-national-boatbuilding-challenge/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/02/presenting-beaufort-national-boatbuilding-challenge/#respond Wed, 22 Feb 2017 14:41:26 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22416 The post Atlantic Veneer and Jarrett Bay Team Up to Present the Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


The North Carolina Boat Building Heritage Foundation, with major support from Atlantic Veneer and Jarrett Bay Boatworks, is proud to celebrate ten years of the Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Their mission to preserve the long-standing traditions of wooden boat construction in Carteret County and to promote the highly useful carpentry skills needed in boat construction are what led to the formation of this annual challenge which is held simultaneously with the N.C. Maritime Museum’s Wooden Boat Show.

During this one-day challenge, eighteen teams compete head-to-head to build a 12-foot Carolina Bateau rowing skiff in less than four hours. Each team is judged on speed of build along with craftsmanship and seaworthiness. With each team’s build score, a winner is determined after a competitive rowing race through Taylor’s Creek utilizing the boats each team built. The top three teams will receive cash prizes and be named the winners of the Beaufort Challenge and also qualify for the national championship. Additionally, the Jarrett Bay Boatworks Excellence in Craftsmanship award is given to the best overall quality boat built. This $500 cash prize matches that of the award given to the overall winner of the event.

The challenge is filled with excitement for the gathering crowds and anxious moments for the boatbuilding teams rushing to complete their projects before testing them in the rowing challenge. This event brings one of the largest crowds to the Beaufort waterfront each year with spectators enjoying the spring weather and speedy craftsmanship of the boatbuilding teams.

Proceeds from the Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge are used to provide two full 1-year scholarships to deserving students for attendance at Carteret Community College enrolled in their Marine Technologies program and Cape Fear Community College enrolled in their Wooden Boat and Boat Manufacturing Programs. Additionally, the proceeds benefit West Carteret, East Carteret and Croatan High Schools’ boat building classes by providing all necessary materials for instruction.

Get more information now about becoming a particpant or spectator for the Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge.

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Jarrett Bay to Begin Construction on Two 64-foot Sportfish http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/02/jarrett-bay-begin-construction-two-64-foot-sportfish/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/02/jarrett-bay-begin-construction-two-64-foot-sportfish/#respond Tue, 14 Feb 2017 18:28:57 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22367 The post Jarrett Bay to Begin Construction on Two 64-foot Sportfish appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


Second Long-Standing Customer to Build a 4th Jarrett Bay

Jarrett Bay recently contracted the custom construction of Hull #64 and Hull #65, both for repeat customers and both to be 64-feet in length. Hull 64’s specifications are still being kept close to the vest, however Hull 65’s soon-to-be four-time Jarrett Bay boat owner, Walt Kuhn, is excited to share the details of his next hard-charging Contango.

Kuhn stepped into the custom construction waters with his first Jarrett Bay, Hull 34 – a nimble 27’ center console named High Tension. Four years later, he upped his offshore ante with Kirsten, the 41’ express Hull 44. And in 2008, Contango Hull 52 was delivered as Kuhn’s latest interpretation of the perfect 53’ sportfish platform.

“I obviously enjoy the custom construction process as I am back at it for a 4th run. I love being able to fish the way I want to fish, and with timeless style,” Kuhn commented. “But what I really enjoy are the friendships that have evolved by working as closely as Jarrett Bay owners are afforded in seeing our vision through with their new construction team. Especially as the materials & components advance at a lightning fast pace, it’s really exciting to map out & then fish my heart out on the next best Jarrett Bay.”

isla pics 011

Construction will begin on both hulls as soon as design & propulsion details are finalized between each owner and Jarrett Bay’s engineers & construction foremen. Expected to deliver in time to debut at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Hull 65 will surely be the talk of C-Dock with her full Palm Beach Tower and stunning Alexseal Yacht Coatings topsides. In addition to the continual evolution in materials & structural improvements each Jarrett Bay build marks, one of hull 65’s most notable advancements will be a focus on advancing mechanical & electrical systems innovations to reduce salt water coolant circulation. By minimizing raw water cooling requirements, the design seeks to greatly increase the longevity and efficiency of major equipment, while also reducing maintenance.

While waiting for Hull 65 to evolve, Kuhn’s 53’ Contango will join fellow 4-time Jarrett Bay owners, the Huddles, and their recently delivered 64’ Builder’s Choice at Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic for the 2017/2018 blue marlin season. No doubt, Kuhn’s glimpses of the spacious 140 sq. ft. cockpit of the Builder’s Choice fishing the Dominican’s FADS will keep him & his crew pumped for their new Contango to join the elite fleet of Jarrett Bay 64 footers.

64’ Jarrett Bay – Hull 64 & Hull 65 Initial Specifications

  • Length Overall: 64’
  • Beam: 18’ 6”
  • Draft: 5’ 3”
  • Freshwater Capacity: 250 gal.
  • Fuel Capacity: 1800 gal.
  • Displacement: 78,000 lbs.
  • Power: TBD
64 Line drawing

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Jarrett Bay Boatworks Earns Refit International Award http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/jarrett-bay-boatworks-earns-refit-international-award/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/jarrett-bay-boatworks-earns-refit-international-award/#respond Tue, 31 Jan 2017 16:55:17 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22307 The post Jarrett Bay Boatworks Earns Refit International Award appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


Two-Time Recipient of “Best Power Yacht 50 – 100 Feet” Refit Excellence Award

Held during the recent Refit International Exhibition and Conference, the Refit Excellence Awards ceremony was the site of Jarrett Bay’s most recent recognition – Best Power Yacht Refit between 50 and 100 feet. This was the second year in a row earning this honor after thorough review by an independent panel of judges. Jarrett Bay’s stand-out refit project this year was Reel Steel, an iconic 66′ Hines-Farley which received extensive updates from buggy top to props, anchor locker to underwater lighting and everything in between.

Selected based not only on the finished yacht but on the teamwork, problem-solving and efficiency of everyone involved in the refit, including the yard, owner, crew, designers, surveyor and management, this Jarrett Bay refit project began with an immense amount of planning and discussion with the owner. This undertaking involved a complete transformation to the yacht beyond the standard repaint and repower refit. Dozens of exterior elements were upgraded and rethought from the faux teak transom to the full black mask on the brow. The windlass and anchor set up were also completely removed and replaced by a new anchor locker and hatch, which also incorporated a fresh water wash-down hookup. The underside of the buggy top along with the tower piping was “blacked-out” for improved sight fishing and the helm was completely refreshed with a whole new electronics package covered by new lightweight acrylic hatches.

While the Jarrett Bay boatyard is where all the magic happens, a project of this scope has many hands involved from local affiliates – both at Jarrett Bay’s Marine Industrial Park and beyond. Triton Electronics, Crystal Coast Interiors, The Captain’s Shop and Wild Cat Props were just a few of the many companies that helped with the Reel Steel refit. Independent contractors for plumbing, HVAC and electrical were also brought in to lend a hand and their expertise throughout different phases of this project.

Like all Hines-Farley sportfishers, this boat was blessed with an impressive power-to-weight ratio at birth, providing 35-knot cruise and 42 knot top speeds from her pair of MTU 16V-2000 engines – so a repower was not on the books. However, a great deal of work was needed in the engine and pump rooms to upgrade and relocate systems to make space for a pair of Seakeeper gyro stabilizers. The cockpit received a full mezzanine retrofit with cushioned lounge complete with overhead air conditioning, while also retaining her hidden chilled storage and freezer compartments along with additional storage space for tackle. A new fighting chair, refreshed teak and upgraded underwater lighting at the transom rounded out the work in the cockpit.

The interior saw a full update to the galley with new appliances and countertops added. Every television was removed from the boat and replaced with a wall-mount flat screen and the salon TV enjoys a hidden powered lift unit. The front V-berth was converted to a triple bunk set up and storage and closet space was reconfigured and updated. All of the hardware throughout the interior was upgraded to polished chrome while the woods and brightwork were refinished brilliantly as only the skilled Jarrett Bay craftsmen can.

The scope of the Reel Steel refit was such a massive undertaking that the complete project was split into two sessions allowing the owner, crew and team to enjoy a season of fishing between the two phases. “We are so humbled to be recognized again with such a great honor as a Refit Excellence Award,” Jarrett Bay President Randy Ramsey stated. “The unique ability of our refit team to be able to glean knowledge and expertise from our new construction team for a project of this magnitude is invaluable. I am so grateful for our incredible team and yard affiliates who work together and pull off such beautiful results!”

Photo Credit: Jared Turner

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Project: Therapy at Sea Aims to Help Veterans with PTSD http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/project-therapy-sea-aims-help-veterans-ptsd/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/project-therapy-sea-aims-help-veterans-ptsd/#respond Fri, 27 Jan 2017 21:04:10 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22289 The post Project: Therapy at Sea Aims to Help Veterans with PTSD appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


Operation WetVet and Jarrett Bay Team Up to Take Veterans Fishing

Jarrett Bay Boatworks and Operation WetVet are excited to announce an opportunity offering combat veterans a day of offshore sport fishing aboard the 54′ custom boat “Starflite” in South Florida this winter. Project: Therapy at Sea has been launched as Operation WetVet’s first program open to service connected veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The project’s mission is to gather together U.S. combat veterans suffering from PTSD to enjoy a fun day of fishing. The trip will also include therapy along with a highly qualified counselor to assist with any questions that the veterans may have.

Project Therapy at Sea

Operation WetVet founder and organizer Ozzie Martinez Jr. first contacted the Jarrett Bay team via social media to see if there might be interest in helping to sponsor an event, and Jarrett Bay’s President Randy Ramsey was of course very receptive to the idea. “Anything we can do to help other people, especially the men and women who have bravely served our country, is always of great importance to us at Jarrett Bay, as well as me personally.” says Ramsey. So much so that it quickly occurred to him that he could offer the use of his own boat, captain and mate for the cause.

The first outing is scheduled to embark from Palm Beach, FL with four well-deserving combat veterans in the cockpit, including medically retired United State Marine Corps Corporal Chris Propst. “Chris Propst is a Purple Heart recipient wounded in Afghanistan who LOVES to fish,” explains Martinez. “We are so very excited to be able to fly all these guys in, put them up at a first-class resort & marina for the night, and take them out on a once-in-a-lifetime fishing opportunity. Having a boat of this caliber is more than I could have dreamed for when we first started Operation WetVet.” What Martinez did envision though was a non-profit organization aimed at fostering camaraderie around watersport activities, and in turn helping to curb the alarming mental health crisis and suicide rate being experienced in the American veteran community.

Martinez adds that stories like Propst’s lends credence to the notion that outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing can have immense therapeutic value. After having his left leg and knee seriously injured in a mortar attack, Propst spent weeks in the hospital and a year and half in rehab learning to walk again. “I’ve had great doctors and a hell of a support team along the way. Now my passion is fishing.” Propst continues, “To a lot of people fishing is just a great day on the water. To me it’s the safest feeling – away from the harsh world with nothing but the sound of birds and water – with the occasional scream of a reel!

Propst fishing
Propst rehabbing on the water

Additional donors for Operation WetVet’s trip aboard “Starflite” include Sailfish Marina and Hook+Gaff Watch Company. Operation WetVet is a 501c3 non-profit organization and pledges that 100% of all funds raised will go towards getting veterans on the water. Those interested in donating can do so now on the Therapy at Sea GoFundMe page.     

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Big Rock Tournament Announces Jarrett Bay as Official Major Sponsor http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/big-rock-tournament-announces-jarrett-bay-official-major-sponsor/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/big-rock-tournament-announces-jarrett-bay-official-major-sponsor/#respond Wed, 18 Jan 2017 20:55:07 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22269 The post Big Rock Tournament Announces Jarrett Bay as Official Major Sponsor appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


Globally Recognized Boat Builder Steps into the Presenting Sponsor Role

Jarrett Bay Boatworks
Big Rock logo

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament board of directors announced Wednesday that Jarrett Bay Boatworks, a premier builder of custom sportfishing boats in North Carolina, has been named the official Major Sponsor for 2017, 2018 and 2019 tournament seasons.

“Jarrett Bay Boatworks is a leader in the custom sportfish construction industry and among the most globally recognized boating brands for their iconic “Carolina Flare” styling. As such great ambassadors for our sport, and long history of supporting the Big Rock, we couldn’t be more excited to have them step into the Presenting Sponsor role,” said tournament director, Crystal Hesmer.

“We are grateful to have this association with Jarrett Bay”, commented Billy Kornegay, Big Rock President. “Randy has not only served tirelessly on the board but has contributed a substantial amount of effort to the growth in sponsorship and participants. We could not be more pleased to see Jarrett Bay as our Major Sponsor.”

Owner, Randy Ramsey has served on the Big Rock board for more than 30 years and has been a strong leader in placing Big Rock on the forefront of world-class fishing tournaments.

“The Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament holds so much meaning for me personally. The years of excitement I enjoyed as a charter captain in the 80’s trolling for that big purse, to what has evolved into a Lifetime Membership on the Big Rock Board of Directors, and now professionally today to be in the grateful position of advancing Jarrett Bay’s long-standing sponsorship contribution to the highest level as a Presenting Sponsor. I can’t think of a better way for me to show my appreciation for how much this tournament has done to foster so many treasured friendships, great business for my company and our family of 170+ employees, and most notably, the significant charitable impact our collective support of this event has made within our communities near & far. I’m excited about all of the fun & good things that Jarrett Bay’s Presenting Sponsorship will help give rise to in the coming years!” commented Randy Ramsey, owner Jarrett Bay Boatworks.

As part of the comprehensive Presenting Sponsorship package, Jarrett Bay Boatworks will receive top billing on the coveted annual Big Rock official t-shirt, on commercial advertising and on all print collateral and social media. In addition, Jarrett Bay stands proudly beside us with our charitable contributions, among a host of other benefits aligned with our national and on-site marketing plans.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament began in 1957 with a purse of $250 silver dollars and celebrated a record purse of $1,914,100 in 2016. Since it began, Big Rock has donated over $4.3 million dollars to charity.

Big Rock and Jarrett Bay will work together to further the upward spiral of a successful tournament and to expand Big Rock’s charitable giving for worthy organizations across the county and state.

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Get Registered for the 54th Annual Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/get-registered-54th-annual-buccaneer-cup-sailfish-release-tournament/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2017/01/get-registered-54th-annual-buccaneer-cup-sailfish-release-tournament/#respond Thu, 05 Jan 2017 18:27:55 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=21907 The post Get Registered for the 54th Annual Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


January 19 – 21, 2017

Be sure to save the date and get registered for the 54th Annual Buccaneer Cup in South Florida. This release only tournament benefits the Recreational Fishing Alliance – an organization whose legislative and regulatory work has made great strides to protect and rebuild billfish stocks all while protecting your right to fish. Join us in supporting this great cause and enjoy 2 days of action-packed fishing with the opportunity to win several generous payouts!

Buccaneer Cup

Register before January 15th and save $750 off the onsite entry fee – all monies raised by this tournament are donated to the Recreational Fishing Alliance!

The mandatory Captain’s Meeting will be held at Sailfish Marina starting at 4pm on January 19th and includes food, open bar, music and fun. Fishing days are January 20th and 21st and boats can depart from and return to either Lake Worth or Jupiter Inlets. Review the complete rules now.

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Believe! Looking Back on 30 Years this Holiday Season http://www.jarrettbay.com/2016/12/believe-looking-back-30-years-holiday-season/ http://www.jarrettbay.com/2016/12/believe-looking-back-30-years-holiday-season/#respond Wed, 14 Dec 2016 18:47:47 +0000 http://www.jarrettbay.com/?p=22152 The post Believe! Looking Back on 30 Years this Holiday Season appeared first on Jarrett Bay Boatworks.


When I was a young man I would often ask my dad why time moved so slowly. I remember him telling me that as I got older time would go by a lot faster. While I couldn’t understand that concept as a youngster, it has become very clear to me now.

Where have the last 30 years gone? It seems like only yesterday we were cleaning out an old building in Williston, full of dreams and a passion to build what would become Sensation. Since that day 30 years ago we have made mistakes, learned lessons, celebrated victories, mourned the loss of loved ones and built friendships that will last a lifetime. We have formed a service yard that takes care of nearly 1,000 customers each year and currently have embarked on the most aggressive builds in our history – the 46’ Grander, 84’ Blank Check, 90’ Project Ireland and the 67’ Privateer. Each boat is a departure from what we or others have done, but each one helps us improve and ask ourselves how we can do things better each day. We have developed a marine industrial park, started a clothing company, opened retail stores, reestablished the East’ard marine parts store and joined forces as a partner with Bluewater Yacht Sales.

As we celebrate 30 years in business my mind tends to remember the hard times. Whether it was the economy, growing pains of a small company, or something we had to fix when we thought we had a “better” way to do it. In each instance, I can also remember a person, or several people, that were willing to help us get through that situation. I remember the hundreds of people who believed in us, just like we did when we started that first boat. I will forever be grateful for the faith they had in us, and continue to have, every time we say “I have a great idea!” I am personally humbled that people give me credit for building this company, but in the end, everyone who has ever worked for us or entrusted us to build or repair a boat is part of the family that deserves that honor.

Recently I saw a few minutes of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and saw “Believe” on the front of the building. What a fitting word for our last 30 years! I am thankful so many of you believed in us, and my hope is that during this Christmas season you will find time to believe in yourself, each other, family, friends, co-workers and in the good in others. If we take the time to do that, and take a chance, there is no telling what we might inspire others to do.

I look forward to the next 30 years at Jarrett Bay and hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
30th logo

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