Hurricane Haul Out

Due to the expansive size of our facility, Jarrett Bay boasts one of the highest hurricane haul-out capacities in the entire mid-Atlantic region. With decades of experience preparing yachts for hurricanes and tropical storms, our service team prides itself in offering a smooth and efficient haul out service in even the most hectic of circumstances. As hurricane haulout customer, our service team will relay all the pertinent information to you as storm updates dictate and will not rest until your vessel is safe and sound on the hard.

Watch Jarrett Bay’s haulout team in action
preparing for Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Unparalleled Capacity

Hurricane Florence 2018

Vessels Hauled

Hurricane Irma 2017

Vessels Hauled

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Vessels Hauled

Hurricane Haulout Policies

We will accept contracts for the first 125 vessels to be pulled with the 50- & 75-ton lifts and a maximum of 20 vessels to be pulled with the 220-ton lift. It’s important to register before each hurricane season, as we cannot accept additional contracts once we reach these numbers. Once we have reached our contract capacity, we cannot provide hurricane haulouts unless you have purchased a contract and meet the requirements set forth therein.

To confirm a hurricane haulout contract or to receive a complimentary rate quote, please contact Kendra Lawrence in our Service Department.

Kendra Lawrence

Service Coordinator
252.728.2690 x232

Request More Info

If you have any questions about our hurricane haulout program or would like to complete a contract, please contact our Service Department.