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Rates & Policies

While the information quoted on this page is subject to change, the following will offer a good idea of what to expect by bringing your next refit project to the Jarrett Bay Service Yard. If you would like an estimate on a specific project, please use our service request form to provide some details, and we’ll get to back to you with a personalized quote.

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Facility Rates and Information

Normal Hours of Operation

Service Yard: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Administration: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Labor Rates

The following rates are applicable for regular service work. Quotes are available for certain jobs if requested in advance. If overtime is requested, it will be billed at 1½ times the regular billing rate, and double time for Sundays and holidays.

Description Price
Boat Washing $45.00 per hour
Yard/Bottom Crew $75.00 per hour
Boat Detailing/Varnish $75.00 per hour
Paint/Fiberglass Crew $75.00 per hour
Mechanics/Electricians $75.00 per hour
Master Carpentry $75.00 per hour
Metal Fabrication $75.00 per hour
Steel Welding $75.00 per hour
Aluminum Welding $75.00 per hour
Power Boat Pickup/Delivery Call for Pricing
Project Management Call for Pricing
Outside Machinist $75.00 per hour
Diesel/Gas Mechanics $95.00 per hour

Haulout, Blocking and Launch

Note: Haul out, blocking, and launches performed outside of normal working hours will accrue an additional labor charge for the operator based on a $75 per hour standard labor rate at the applicable overtime rate.

Description Price
Fork Truck Power Boat $7.00 per foot
50 Ton Lift Power Boat (Vessels up to 45 feet) $8.00 per foot
50 Ton Lift Power Boat (Vessels 46-60 feet & up to 50 tons) $9.00 per foot
50 Ton Lift Sail Boat $10.00 per foot
75 Ton Lift Power Boat (Vessels 61+ feet, & up to 75 tons) $12.00 per foot
75 Ton Lift Sail Boat $13.00 per foot
200 Ton Lift (up to 80 tons) $16.00 per foot
200 Ton Lift (80-100 tons) $18.00 per foot
200 Ton Lift (100-150 tons) $20.50 per foot
200 Ton Lift (150-175 tons) $22.00 per foot
200 Ton Lift (175-200 tons) $23.50 per foot
200 Ton Lift (200+ tons) $25.00 per foot
Tri-Maran $35.50 per foot
  • There will be an additional labor charge for re-rigging of the 200 Ton Travel Lift to facilitate hauling of Catamarans with single strap lift requirements.
Commercial Vessels
  • Additional $3.00 per foot on Commercial Vessels requiring the use of 200 Ton Lift.

Pressure Wash Bottom
Description Price
to 60 or 50 tons $4.50 per foot
50-80 tons $5.00 per foot
80-100 tons $5.50 per foot
100 tons per foot $6.00 per foot
  • Does not include scraping of barnacles or extended growth. This would be billed at time and materials.

Service Vessel Lay Days
Description Price
Outside $0.45 per feet per day
$2.25 per feet per week
$4.50 per feet per month
Inside $1.00 per feet per day
  • This rate is used during active service work on all vessels in the yard or in wet dockage. Vessels remaining at our  facility in excess of 48 hours upon completion of work will be billed at regular dockage/storage rates until departure (electrical power is not included).

Vessel Storage Rates
Description Price
Dry Storage (Vessel under 19 feet beam hauled by 50 ton lift) $1.00 per feet per day
$3.25 per feet per week
$7.00 per feet per month
Dry Storage (Vessel over 19 feet beam hauled by 200 ton lift) $1.50 per feet per day
$5.00 per feet per week
$10.00 per feet per month
Wet Dockage $1.65 per feet per day
(Excludes Electric) $6.50 per feet per week
(Includes Electric) $12.50 per feet per month
Mast Storage (up to 60 feet) $5.00 per week
(over 60 feet) $10.00 per week
  • Jarrett Bay is not responsible for routine maintenance checks on stored vessels unless arrangements are made with the Yard Manager. Examples: interior flooding, mildew, and/or freeze protection. If requested, this service can be performed by Jarrett Bay on a scheduled basis. Estimates will be provided upon request.
  • Estimates are an approximate cost of performing a repair and may vary plus or minus when completed. Estimates should not be confused with quotes or cost not to exceed pricing.

Do-It-Yourself Vessel Lay Days
Description Price
Yard $2.00 per feet per day
Live Aboard $2.50 per feet per day
  • All sub-contractors are required to have required liability insurance and workers compensation insurance and must report to the service department manager/assistant to register prior to performing any work on our yard. There will be a $80.00 per day per person charge for outside contractors and will be payable by the vessel’s owner prior to departure. No sandblasting or spray painting is allowed by owners or owner’s subcontractors. No outside lifts or cranes are allowed without our permission. A clean-up fee may be assessed if work area is not kept clean.

Equipment Usage (In-House Only)
Description Price
Forklift (1/2 hour minimum) $100.00 per hour
Crane Service (1/2 hour minimum) $250.00 per hour
30 Ton Hydraulic Trailer $500.00 per hour
Tractor $125.00 per hour
50 Ton Travel Lift $200.00 per hour
200 Ton Travel Lift $750.00 per hour
  • Ground crew additional as required.

Equipment Usage for Customer
Description Price
45/22 Genie Boom Man Lift $165.00 per day
$600 per week
Staging (per section) *if available $10.00 per day

Waste Disposal
Description Price
Owner Generated Hazardous Waste $2.00 per gallon of fuel, oil, bilge waste, or solvents
$6.00 per gallon of gasoline
Holding Tank Pump-out Service $30.00
  • Waste must be properly containerized and labeled at hazardous waste site. Improper disposal of waste by customer will result in an environmental assessment and possible penalties that will be passed on to the owner. No charge for household trash disposal if placed in proper receptacle. Commercial trash disposal will be priced by job usage. Detailed waste disposal information is available from our Environmental Officer.

Utility Fees
Description Price
15 Amp Service $2.00 per day per cord
30 Amp Service $4.00 per day per cord
50 Amp Service $7.00 per day per cord
100 Amp Service $14.00 per day per cord
Air $4.00 per day per hose

Policies of Jarrett Bay Boatworks
  • A credit card imprint upon arrival is required as a deposit for all customers, VISA and MASTERCARD only.
  • Monthly dockage fees are billed and due in advance. All other charges are due and payable prior to departure. Any boat that remains more than 2 weeks will be expected to make progress payments.
  • All customers must provide an authorized contact name, phone number and valid mailing address for billing information.
  • As a health and safety precaution, customers and vendors are asked to limit smoking to authorized areas only. Smoking is not allowed in any building at any time.
  • All outside contractors must show proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and must contract through a Jarrett Bay purchase order if working on the property, unless specific, prior approval has been given by Jarrett Bay management. Outside contractors working through and being paid by owners will be charged $80.00 per day per man, and this will be charged to the owner’s bill.
  • All boats brought to Jarrett Bay must have and, if requested, show proof of active liability insurance in place throughout their stay.
  • Spray painting, sandblasting or relocation of jack stands may only be performed by authorized Jarrett Bay personnel.
  • All customers must sign a work order/storage agreement upon their arrival. All terms and conditions of that agreement shall be understood and followed.
  • All tools at Jarrett Bay are to be used by authorized individuals only. No tools or equipment will be loaned to customers.
  • Customers and their vendors are expected to help us maintain a safe and clean environment. If we determine that clean-up is necessary due to a customer or associated vendor(s), a clean-up charge will be assessed to that boat.
  • All boats must have a contingency plan in place throughout the hurricane season. Jarrett Bay cannot guarantee hauling or mooring for boats in the event of a hurricane, unless a JBBW Hurricane Insurance policy is in place.
  • All rates as noted are subject to a 6.75% North Carolina Sales Tax plus 6% Environmental Surcharge and Administrative Fee. Excessive waste and environmental problems will incur extra charges.
  • Jarrett Bay is not responsible for theft or any damages due to fire, wind or any acts of nature while a customer’s boat is on Jarrett Bay property.

All rates as noted are subject to change without notice.
Last updated on January 3, 2012

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