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Why Jarrett Bay

We feel so strongly about our boats, we’ve identified 11 in-depth reasons to build a Jarrett Bay. If you are considering a custom build, please take the time to fully tour our Why Jarrett Bay section:

  1. Sensation & Builder's ChoiceBuilt on Tradition
  2. Jarrett Bay 58'We Build Dreams
  3. Jarrett Bay 41' ExpressCompetitive Pricing
  4. Jarrett Bay 61'Rugged Construction
  5. Jarrett Bay 70' ModelPeak Performance
  6. Custom Bucket SeatsTruly Custom
  7. Grand SlamResale Value
  8. Final TouchCustomer Dedication
  9. Jarrett Bay Marine ParkState-of-the-Art Facility
  10. Jarrett Bay 64'Distinction of Ownership
  11. Jarrett Bay's FinestJoin Our Family

...My radar gun measured an exhilarating 46.1 mph. But more impressive, she reached this speed within 20 seconds...

Jarrett Bay Videos

Jarrett Bay Videos

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