On Tuesday 2 September we commenced haul out in accordance with our written hurricane policy based on the NOAA projection of possible hurricane force winds impacting our area within 5 days. We had 59 vessels on our yard for service work or storage at the time of implementing the hurricane haul outs. We hauled 129 vessels from 10am Tuesday 03 September, 2008 to 5:30pm Friday 05 September, 2008.

A few vessels received minor wind damage to curtains and exterior soft goods. Our ground crew commenced pressure washing vessels at 9:30am Saturday morning to facilitate bottom painting the following morning. Carmelo and Dalia braved the elements of 40 plus kt winds and rain on Saturday morning and had washed 18 vessels by 4:30pm on Sunday. Kudos to Carmelo and Dalia.

This was the smoothest hurricane haul out event in the 10 year history of JBBW inc. at the Industrial Park. Keith Tosto, Brian Wade, Kendra Morris, Tate Lawrence and the entire crew did an excellent job to make this all happen. We set a new record by hauling 129 vessels in four days. We have the highest total of vessels on the yard than ever before. We expended approximately 1,200 labor hours and purchased 330 new boat stands to accommodate all of our customers. We know our capabilities and we will offer more haul out spots for the 2009 hurricane season.

I would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during a very hectic and emotional event.

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