JBBW Inc. is currently working on a computerized custom preventative maintenance program. This service will be offered to vessel owners having vessels within a 60-mile radius of our facility. The focus of this new service is to provide customers with a mobile maintenance service for their vessels that will increase reliability and instill confidence in their vessels. Many boats are kept at vacation homes and marina’s at the coast while the owner’s primary residence is many miles away. Many owners can only use their vessels on weekends, holidays etc. and many arrive to find their vessels are not usable due to maintenance needs or break down while underway. Nothing can spoil your weekend, holiday or vacation like not being able to use your boat.

Our program will consist of a computer generated inspection list that will allow a comprehensive inspection of the vessel mechanical and electrical system(s) as well as a visual inspection of the overall appearance. The inspection will be forwarded to the owner in a timely manner allowing the vessel owner to evaluate any recommended maintenance action required. The owner will be informed immediately via phone, e-mail fax etc. of any condition found that would prohibit safe use of the vessel and the owner would be informed of any recommended maintenance requirements. Recommended maintenance/repairs will be estimated and owner approval would be required prior to completion of maintenance items resulting in additional cost to the owner.

Why should you invest in a preventative maintenance program? Do you want to assure your vessel is reliable and reduce the possibility of your vessel breaking down and leaving you and your family stranded?  Do you want to keep the value of your vessel at its highest possible? If the answer is yes then you should invest in a preventative maintenance program. It is a cost effective method of increasing reliability and value of your vessel. It will save you maintenance cost overall.

We will keep you updated on our progress of developing our software and we hope to have this mobile service available soon. Please contact Roger Wetherington of the JBBW Inc. at (252) 728-2690 X246 or (252) 241-0803 cell or Jeff Fulcher at X231 or (252) 241-9204 cell if you have an interest or comments concerning this future service.

Jeff Fulcher
Yard Manager

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