Jarrett Bay Boatworks has commenced preparations in anticipation for Hurricane Bill possibly impacting our area in the next 7 days.  We are preparing the yard, inventorying stands, blocks etc. and servicing the lifts.  We are monitoring the predicted path of Bill and will make a decision later this week.  We need a minimum of 3 days to haul all vessels with Hurricane contracts but would like to have 4 days if possible.  We will commence hauling once the NOAA projection predicts hurricane force winds in our area within 5 days.

We will not haul vessels other than those with contracts once we go into hurricane haul out mode.  The projected path of this Hurricane makes it very difficult to make an accurate prediction of the impact it may have on our area.  We will make a judgment call based on a worst case scenario later this week.  Please contact our service office if you have a Hurricane contract and would like to haul early to be safe.

If you would like to be on the hurricane haul-out list, please submit a Jarrett Bay Hurricane Haul-Out Contract (PDF) or see our hurricane haul-out page for more information.

Jeff Fulcher
Yard Manager


Although Hurricane Bill appears to be missing us well offshore to the East one can never be too careful.  Hurricanes can be very unpredictable and change course rapidly and unexpectedly with little time to prepare.

We are not going to a mandatory haul out since the 5 day NOAA projection shows the storm will pass offshore.  However, we will haul your vessel now if you prefer to be on the safe side. Contact us ASAP if you would like your boat on the hard. If you do not contact us today, August 19, we cannot guarantee that your boat will be hauled in time should the Hurricane change direction and impact our area later in the week.

Jeff Fulcher,
Yard Manager

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