8:22pm August 29, 2010 – Beaufort, NC:

The latest NOAA projection is predicting the west side of the possible track to skirt Cape Lookout. This is still a Cat 1 hurricane. There is a 5-10% probability of us receiving Hurricane Force winds. It does appear to have sped up. It is now to arrive somewhere off our coast Thursday afternoon.

This storm is still very unpredictable so we will advise caution. Better safe than sorry. We will be able to haul vessels Monday afternoon if any of you want to get a jump on hauling. Please contact Kendra at 252-728-2690 x232. Kendra will begin receiving calls for appointments at 9am Monday 30 August. 50 and 75 ton lifts will start at 1pm and be scheduled for every 30 minutes. The 200 ton lift is already busy Monday, but call anyway and we will do our best to start some 200 ton lifts if possible. If not, we will start the 200 ton lift at 0730 am Tuesday morning.

Brian Wade,lift crew Foreman will be in charge of the haul out evolutions and will supervise all crews to assure we get everyone out as expeditiously and safe as possible.

Dockage is at a premium so it is imperative that you arrive as close as possible to your scheduled time to eliminate a log jam at the basin.

Please remember to clean out anything that may spoil should power not be available or go out in a storm.

We will have to commence hauling of vessels tomorrow afternoon in order to assure that we have time to get everyone out by Wednesday evening. If you are in doubt as to what to do please call us Monday morning. We will be happy to advise you but we cannot make a decision for you.

We appreciate your patience for this being our first hurricane haul out this year. I am sure we all will be a little rusty and will have to work a few bugs out.


Jeff Fulcher
Yard Manager

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