I wanted to thank you for standing behind the CAT engine issues we had on the Horizon 74-612. Jarrett Bay and Gregory Poole CAT worked seamlessly to make this engine swap one of the most efficient I have ever seen. The owner has been around the boat for the whole time and was very impressed at the work done and especially the time frame that means he will be back sailing north tomorrow after only a week of down time.

Caterpillar is very fortunate to have two great teams at Gregory Poole and Jarrett Bay to support your product.


Roger Sowerbutts, Horizon Yachts USA


I appreciate the feedback and compliment. As much as we hope nobody needs customer support, our partners like Jarrett Bay and Greg Poole truly set and define the support needed with our Pleasure Craft customers around the world.

Thank you for supporting us with your customer!


David Shannon, Global Pleasure Craft Manager, CAT Marine Power

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