Hurricane Earl Haul Out

Good Morning Everyone,

We were extremely lucky last night. We had a near miss and only saw winds of approximately 50 kts.  It could have been much worse if the Hurricane had not started turning east yesterday evening.

We had a crew on standby to come in but the winds never got bad enough so we let them get some much needed rest. We hauled 120 vessels from 32-112’ from 1pm on Monday until 12:30 yesterday and moored two in the basin.

We are hard at work this morning launching the Army Corp of Engineer vessel and several other commercial charter craft. We are also assessing damage to the vessels on the yard but none is expected. You will be notified if we see any evident damage to your vessel.

Please feel free to come by anytime during daylight hours the next several days to check your vessels and do some minor maintenance should you wish. It will be too dangerous to be on vessels at night and security will stop you to ascertain your reason for being here.

Please do not power wash or sand on your own bottoms.  You will be responsible for paint residue on adjacent vessels. We can arrange a power wash or other maintenance if you wish.

We are keeping an eye on Fiona and Gaston and will send updates as needed.

We hope you all have a great weekend and we will be back bright eyed and bushy tailed Tuesday 6 September. Have a great holiday weekend!

Jeff Fulcher
Yard Manager

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