In this 12 part series, Randy Ramsey reflects each month on the most influential people to contribute to Jarrett Bay’s success over the last 25 years.

Joy GaskillSoon after we relocated Jarrett Bay Boatworks from the original location in Williston to Marshallberg, NC, our company began expanding faster than we could imagine. We had four boats under construction and started the service and repair yard. With the expansion came a host of problems that had never occurred to me, like book keeping, human resources and inventory management to name a few. After all, our company was founded by a dream to build a better boat, so the business side of the company was an afterthought in the early years. In March of 1993, we decided to hire a person to manage our office.

I vividly recall the interview process, and as we narrowed the candidates it became clear that Joy Gaskill was the person that had the ability to put our office in order and was tough enough to cause even Jim Luxton and I to start thinking about the right way to do things. On April 5, 1993 Joy became the first management level Jarrett Bay employee hired and she proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made!

Through the years, Joy not only became a part of the family, but her dedication, love for fellow employees and loyalty to each person that worked here – as well as our customers – made her indispensable. As the company grew, Joy was a voice of reason helping us remain grounded. She was willing to provide leadership, compassion, and a work ethic seldom matched in the world today. When I think of Joy, I think about true loyalty and friendship. One that isn’t based on a paycheck but by saying and doing the right thing, even though it wasn’t always what you wanted to hear.

Brent, Joy & Hilary GaskillAs we worked together, there were times of hardship both at work and in our personal lives. Joy’s husband was lost in a fishing accident, but we did all we could to be there for her – the way she always was for us. Though this was a difficult time, it caused the Jarrett Bay family to grow stronger and to embrace each other. It caused us to realize what in life is truly important – family. It has been a pleasure to watch her children Brent and Hilary grow, and like Joy, they will forever be part of our Jarrett Bay family.

Joy GaskillFor 25 years, Jarrett Bay has been blessed with people like Joy who have led our company and molded us to be the company we are and strive to be. Tragically, 3 years ago this month (April 2008) Joy’s life was taken by a driver who was under the influence. While I often mourn her loss, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see & smile at her fingerprint left on the company or feel her guiding the decisions I make. While I miss seeing Joy, she is here with us and reminds me of how important the Jarrett Bay family of employees and customers are.

While we continue to celebrate our silver anniversary, I think it is good to remind ourselves how much one person can impact our lives, and how much difference each of us can make. Thanks Joy!

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