Last week the Service Department wrapped up the 2011 Hatteras Owner’s School on Wednesday the 13th. In attendance were 24 owners and captains, as well as 9 vendors, and we’ve already received a lot of great feedback on the event.

During the 3 day course at the Jarrett Bay Marine Park in Beaufort, attendees plied deeply into the mechanical, electrical & cosmetic details of their new & classic Hatteras Yachts. Jarrett Bay Project Manager Roger Wetherington heads up the program each year, and shares his decades of intimate Hatteras knowledge & expert advice with participants.

The curriculum kicked off by reviewing each owner’s yacht diagram, followed by sessions on electrical power systems, tools & supplies, drive train systems, air conditioning & window frames.

Diving deeper into mechanicals on Day 2, participants learned about engine maintenance, troubleshooting & repowers before moving on to a host of auxiliary systems; generators, stabilizers, bow thrusters, fuel & oil systems, water makers, water & sewage systems, fire suppression, & interior design.

In the afternoon of Day 2, the group took a trip to nearby New Bern, NC to visit the Hatteras Plant and experience firsthand where their treasured yachts originated. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Hatteras conducted a tour of the plant & talked about new techniques that can be incorporated in their vintage boats as well. Participants were able to get a glimpse at the new Hatteras line while still under construction, and then pay a visit to their on-site gift shop.

The last segment of training focused on maintenance and repair, including fiberglass repair, caulking & adhesives, bottom paint and interior finish & repair.

Throughout the packed schedule, participants also had opportunities to meet with parts & equipment vendors to discuss their areas of expertise, and gain great advice from all. Participating vendors included, Covington Power Services, Engines1, Gregory Poole CAT, Sea Vision, Bosch, Bluewater Supply, Headhunter, Sea Recovery, Cummins Onan, Crystal Coast Interiors, Paxton Co., Pettit Paints, Bircher Inc., Lewis Marine & Sam’s Marine.

With such a great turn out year after year our course instructor, Roger Wetherington, will soon be announcing the dates for the 2012 edition. So please stay tuned!

Contact Roger Wetherington at (252) 728-2690 or email the Service Department for more information.


  1. WW Gilman

    Roger I have a 1989 52 C powered with 8V92TIs. The original prop furnished were 34X33 3blades. If I reproped with 4 0r 5 blades what benifits would I recieve. I am not interested in high speeds but rather smooth economy. Do you have any used or reconditioned props at your yard? Thank You for your courtseys. Sincearly Gil Gilman (have owned 10 new Hatterases and now a collector refurbisher)

    • Roger Wetherington

      Mr. Gilman,

      Thank you for your question on the Jarrett Bay web site. You are correct in the size of prop that come with the boat. The boat did leave Hatteras with 34″ x 33″ 3 blades with what Hatteras describes as Hatteras cup in the blades. What you would gain in going to a 4 or 5 blade prop is less vibration, I do not think you will gain any economy by changing the number of blades. What you do have to watch out for is over loading the engines with different propellers. Remember that as your boat gets older, it also gets heavier. Make sure that the props you have now are not over loading the boat at the engines top RPMs and that the engines will turn their rated RPMs at no load. I have checked our stock of props that we have here at Jarrett Bay and the prop list at Sam’s Marine and there aren’t any props that I think will work for your boat. If you have any other questions about this or anything else please feel free to contact me.

      Roger Wetherington
      Jarrett Bay Boatworks
      Project Manager

  2. WW Gilman

    Thanks Roger. Your many courtesies throughout the years have always been greatly appreciated by me and many others. You and I have had a long run in this boating society, and I truly find great pleasure when I mention your name in the same breath as Hatteras. Hope to repay you some time for your kindness. Say hello to Jan Boone for me.
    Gil Gilman



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