I own an Ocean Yacht Sportfish and would like to refinish my teak deck. The condition of the boards are fairly rough, but nothing some sanding can’t fix. I’ve done some research on the internet about after treatment on teak and have seen a lot of different opinions on what to do. Leave it alone, lightly sand it every year, use oil, use a sealer, etc. I’ve always admired Jarrett Bay’s craftsmanship and one day hope to own a Jarrett Bay, so i figured I’d ask the pros. What do you guys put on your teak covering boards and decks? I forgot to mention that I use an aft cover on the boat while not in use to help minimize the UV damage. Thanks,

Chris L.


The vast majority of our customers keep the teak natural with regular (weekly) washing and teak cleaner which is a mild acid wash a couple times a year. Very few oil the teak because once you start it has to be kept up, or it mildews. Do not sand the teak anymore than necessary in order to not severely shorten the life span of the teak. Sanding should only be done when the grain is raised and very rough.

Look at other vessels in the vicinity that have nice teak. They probably have an experienced Captain/Mate or detail service. Ask them to show you the process, or if you can watch them when they are cleaning their teak. Not every one is good at it. That’s why it is important to see the maintenance process on a cockpit that you would like yours to look like.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.


Jeff Fulcher
Yard Manager

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