In this 12 part series, Randy Ramsey reflects each month on the most influential people to contribute to Jarrett Bay’s success over the last 25 years.

Through the past 25 years, our company has certainly experienced a lot of changes. With those changes we have seen our share of challenges, but each time we have seen people rise to the occasion. In the late 1990’s, our company was expanding faster than we could have imagined. We had six boats under construction, were operating a full-service repair yard, and were considering a move to our current location at the Jarrett Bay Industrial Park.

Clark Jenkins

By then, we had been in business for more than 12 years and had assembled a team that could take on any boat building or repair project, but we were never prepared for the challenges that we faced as we expanded. It was clear to me that I would need to find a partner that shared my vision to expand and improve our boats and in this case I found him working as a carpenter on our shop floor.

Clark Jenkins came to work at Jarrett Bay soon after college, with the desire and motivation to learn all he could about the boat building business. I am not sure that Clark ever had a desire to be a partner here, but without him I am positive we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that we have. If there was ever a person that complemented my style, it was Clark and his mild mannered, patient personality that helped us find a way through the obstacles that we faced on a day-to-day basis. He continually amazed me as he helped us find ways we could improve. Clark soon joined our management team and made an immediate impact on all of us. While he shared our love of boating and fishing, he also brought a positive outlook and gave freely of his time and energy to every employee. Clark joined our team as a carpenter, but while he was on our team he helped sell boats, design boats, formulate plans for expansion and he was vital in laying the groundwork for the development and eventual move to the Marine Park. Just before we moved to the Marine Park in 1999, Clark decided to seek other opportunities, but not before he ensured our ability to make the move.

Clark went on to establish the Heritage Cabinet Company in Morehead City, NC and has built an outstanding following in the custom cabinet business. He lives nearby and I often see him out boating with his wife Frances and their children. He remains a great friend to me and the entire Jarrett Bay family – and to this very day, is always willing to help ensure our success.

Clark Jenkins

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