In this 12 part series, Randy Ramsey reflects each month on the most influential people to contribute to Jarrett Bay’s success over the last 25 years.

When we made the decision to build the first Jarrett Bay “Sensation” in the fall of 1986, it was apparent that we had embarked on a challenge like none we had ever taken on before. While several of us had limited boat building experience, we all had a passion to build a boat that was different and would emulate the ones built by the pioneering Omie Tillett. Boats that would provide a smooth and efficient ride to the Gulfstream, and incorporate a more modern look and finish. As we talked with people and gathered information about the hull form, shaft angle and cabin placement – among other things, Capt. Omie suggested that we contact Glen Haught, affectionately known as “P-Nut”. P-Nut had worked with Omie at Sportsman Boatworks in all aspects of the boat building process. He was a very talented artist and craftsman, diligently working on the shop floor during the day, and studying at night to become a naval architect.

The day I met P-Nut, he was working in the loft spaces overhead at Sportsman Boatworks. He was surrounded by drawings of every boat component, and even though he was busy, he was eager to help answer each question we had. To say I was impressed by his generosity with his time is an understatement. As we described what we wanted to accomplish, he agreed to help and his employer at the time, Tom Daughtry, was equally helpful and open for him to work with us. That day he agreed to design the offsets for “Sensation” at a total cost of $400.00. While it was only a single piece of paper, it helped build the foundation of our company going forward.

After Sportsman Boatworks closed, P-Nut started Haught and Associates and worked for quite a few clients designing and overseeing the construction of numerous custom boats. I remember early on in my career asking P-Nut what he thought about a boat we were looking at together. He answered, “If you want to build pretty boats, ones that will be on the cutting edge, look at airplanes and trains. If not, we will always build the same things over and over again”. His mild-mannered personality never would lead you to believe that the boats he designed were cutting edge, but then again, when you meet Omie the same could be said for this man who so drastically changed the face of sportfish form & function.

For more than 15 years, P-Nut was a fixture at Jarrett Bay. And for a time, he was here working every day with our crews. He will always be a big part of our success and is another way we proudly trace our roots back to Capt. Omie Tillett and Sportsman Boatworks.

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Glen Haught
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