Many vessels will be southbound soon for the fall and winter seasons, and it’s important to note that a clean HVAC system is critical to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Best performance is dependant upon the proper heat transfer between the refrigerant and the seawater side of the system, regardless of the season. Higher water temperatures are less efficient in the cooling mode, just as colder water temps may negatively affect efficiency in the heat mode.

The seawater side of your system should be inspected weekly, the filters and grills should be cleaned bi-weekly, and the strainers should be chemically cleaned and flushed at least every two years for ideal operation. A dirty filter, clogged condenser and/or cooling system will cause the compressor and other components to work much harder than necessary to keep the interior comfortable for the long haul.

Contact us today for a quote on inspecting and cleaning your HVAC system.

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