In this 12 part series, Randy Ramsey reflects each month on the most influential people to contribute to Jarrett Bay’s success over the last 25 years.

Throughout my life and since we started Jarrett Bay, I have been blessed to have been surrounded by people that were able to share our passion. Often times when I would look around, it was hard to imagine how we would make it to the next step. But each time, there was a person there to help guide us and willing to share our dream. Over the last nine months you have read about some of those people who were instrumental in our success and who selflessly gave of themselves. As I started to write about this month’s VIP, it occurred to me that I have more people than months left to recognize them in with this 12 part series. So this month is dedicated to an amazing group of friends who shared our dream and played a major role in our success.

Jarrett Bay 25th Anniversary - 1986-2011Looking back on the earliest days in Williston, it is hard for me to imagine we would build 86 boats and a world-class service yard, but the initial crew there had the optimism to do almost anything. Leonard Rigsbee (now an accomplished boatbuilder on his own) was there every day full of optimism and support, and to this day remains a great friend to our team. Others like Josh Lee and Tom Hesselink moved from Wisconsin filled with passion and countless friends offered support and a helping hand.

When we moved to Marshallberg, times weren’t always easy but Ben Green, Glynn Loftin and Dew Forbes were out telling our story every day and were our biggest advocates.

Jarrett Bay

As business prospered and we grew out of our facility, Don Kirkman offered an idea of building a Marine Industrial Park, a concept that had never been done, and with his encouragement and guidance we decided to move forward. It took a lot of people to help it become a reality: Mike Thompson for his financial expertise and business sense; Greg Poole and Phil Fowler for being among the first to agree to move their businesses into the park, convincing others that we had a viable idea; Hunter Chadwick, then the Mayor of Beaufort, and Pat Joyce from the County Commissioners, Carteret County and the State of North Carolina for their strong support; Mason Cox for navigating the planning and permitting processes; Casey Wagner who sold the vision and land to others who relocated; Mark Shouse and BB&T for being a strong financial partner for more than two decades; Robin Anderson & Jason Pim of Stealth Marketing and Natasha Lloyd of Marlin Magazine that have ensured our message was told to boaters near and far.

When we made the move to open Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales, we decided to do something that had never been done – we would not only represent the finest pre-owned boats, but we would also represent our custom boats as well as several of the top production brands. Like any new venture, things weren’t always easy, but Dan Reitz, Rob Miltz and Jan Boone have done a great job leading our sales force and building the sales company into one of the most respected in the country.

Each time I think back over the last 25 years, I am humbled by all that others have done because they too shared our dreams and our passion, and I wonder what we can accomplish over the next 25 years together.

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