Over the years as your hull becomes weathered, gathers barnacles, or is simply in need of repair, it can create drag that will drastically effect the performance of your vessel. In the past you might have had to completely sand down your hull and have it completely repainted. Now at Jarrett Bay we have a new system which can remove these surface defects and leave your topcoat and other custom artwork in tact.

Earlier this week, the Jarrett Bay service yard was the site of an in-depth training session showcasing a great new hull blasting system, known as The Farrow System. 

Farrow System Explained:

The Farrow System is a patented method for removing surface coatings (removes oxidation, protective coatings, graffiti, and more).

The overall principal behind The Farrow System, is that it has been designed to not only be cost efficient, but environmentally friendly, and very effective on any fiberglass structure without damaging any prior gelcoats. Because of its delicate work rate, it’s also great for historic restoration projects, where it’s essential to keep the integrity of the original surface.

In comparison to other abrasive dry blasts, the Farrow System uses heat, combined with a low pressure, and a brilliantly designed nozzle that disperses mineral particles, referred to as “missiles” which upon contact, burst into thousands of smaller particles, and work their way between the surface and the grime, for an effective and eco-friendly result.

A big thank you to Carolina Equipment & Supply Co (CESCO), for joining us this week, and providing the knowledge and materials for a successful training session! For more information regarding The Farrow System, please visit BlastAndPaint.com, or feel free to contact us; your inquiries are always welcome!

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