The Jarrett Bay service facility welcomes its latest major refit client for the early summer season, J & B, a project in conjunction with Phillips Project Management of New Bern. This boat is a Hines-Farley sportfish which was hauled as a 63′, but will return to the water in 2013 as a completely updated 66′.

While going through a long list of major changes, the most notable will be the transom extension. Her transom will be removed, and rebuilt with an addition of 3 feet to add more space to get business done in the cockpit.

J@B, Hines-Farley 63

J@B, Hines-Farley 63

J & B will also receive a rebuilt mezzanine cockpit, bow-thruster addition and be re-powered with twin C32 ACERT Cat engines and new generators, fuel and freshwater systems, and an exhaust package with improved ventilation. She will undergo custom interior upgrades, an extensive rewiring, and receive new paint from top to bottom.

We’re excited to see & share the transformation of yet another extensive refit project here at Jarrett Bay. Stay tuned to our site and social networks to follow the progress with this interesting project.


  1. Frank Edwards

    Reminds me of my Hines-Farley days. Good luck with the project. I’d love to see the outcome. Frank

  2. Danny B

    It’s J & B Not J @ B Great Boatyard!!

  3. Steve

    Extension not Extrusion in the title

  4. Mark Jones

    Where is the 47ft Hines Farley convertible that was built I believe in 1990.I think there is only one of those ever built.WOULD LOVE TO FIND IT.I know it has traded hands at least twice. P.S. LOVE THE COCKPIT EXTENSION & REFIT YOU DID ON THE J&B…BEAUTIFUL…

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      Hi Mark, thanks for the compliments.

      Last we heard that boat was in Florida…

  5. Mark Jones

    interested in the purchase of the 47 Hines Farley

  6. Mark Jones

    I hope someone can find some recent photos of the 1990 47ft Hines.I am very interested in her.Would love to have Jarrett Bay do the refit on her,if the current owners will sell of course.Dont want to jump the gun here.I live in Seattle & I saw her once in North Myrtle Beach back in 92.That sportfish stood out like no other that I have ever seen.Then it went on the market I believe around 2000 or 2001.I should have bought her then.I probably could have purchased it for around $500.000 back then.AT THE VERY LEAST I WOULD DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING JUST TO SEE WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE TODAY.REALLY I WANT TO BRING HER TO THE NORTHWEST.Again if they will sell.I do know what she is worth if she has been kept up open checkbook.

  7. Mark Jones




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