Jarrett Bay has added another new member to the family. We are pleased to welcome John Kittrell as the new owner of Wasabi, formally known as the Chainlink. Based out of Wanchese, NC, Mr. Kittrell is excited to start enjoying his 54’ Jarrett Bay as soon as possible. When asked why a Jarrett Bay, he replied, “Jarrett Bay boats are all too familiar in the Outer Banks. They are very nice looking boats and the timing was right. It is a dream come true to become an owner!”

Kittrell could have stayed local when deciding where to go for a refit, but he chose to go to the people who know the boat best: the original builders. While at Jarrett Bay, Wasabi received a farrow blasting plus new bottom, hull and mask paint. John stated that he is “Thrilled with how the paint job came out,” and that it was a great experience that exceeded his expectations.

Before Kittrell left the Jarrett Bay Marine Park, we had to ask him the meaning behind his boat name. By the grin on his face, it wasn’t the first time someone has asked. He simply replied, “I really like wasabi, especially on tuna. So now I have my wasabi and all I need is some tuna.”

JBBW Hull 21

We hope that John, his family and crew find plenty of tuna and much more while enjoying their classic, yet and tastefully updated Jarrett Bay hull!

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