We always enjoy a kind letter from owners who pass through the Jarrett Bay Marine Park for service, but some letters can strike a stronger chord in our emotions than others. Capt. Boccio purchased a 28 year old custom cold-molded Carolina-built sportfisher for their Long Island based fishing charter and he is overwhelmed by the quality and condition of the boat. We deeply look forward to seeing him and his 46′ custom each spring for upgrades!

Just wanted to send a message of respect and acknowledgment. My wife and I recently purchased a 46 custom sportfish charter boat from Cape May, NJ from a 71 year old retired skipper. The boat which came from your shop is in decent shape considering it was fished for 27 years. Practically all the boat is original, meaning it is in need of a slow renovation for the next few years.

This spring I was able to get a few coats of fresh Alexseal paint on the hull and new shafts beneath her without breaking the bank. I plan on fishing every season and upgrading a little every spring. The boat is without a doubt the most appealing to lay eyes on in a small marina on the east end of Long Island. All I wanted to say to you Gary [Davis] is this boat would not be a good candidate if it did not have a good foundation. When I went thru on my first look all I could see was the clear epoxy on every surface; very little movement or water intrusion.

My first boat is a 1981 Robbins strip plank mahogany on oak with resorcinol glue and monel nails built in Cambridge, MD. Over the last 20 years I have epoxy glassed the entire exterior and it has held up very well. My Coast Guard hull exams go smoothly. If all my plans go well I look forward to retiring into this new platform and enjoying a performance hull with my clientele. I now have the range and speed to make offshore forays if the weather and groups I take are looking for an adventure.

I only recently did some research on the crafts you have built and how this industry of custom boat building has evolved and can only just scratch the surface on the technology on what is going on at Jarrett Bay. It is in my bucket list to come down and spend a few hours there like a fly on the wall to see it and fully appreciate it. In the mean time I think once my steady charters get a chance to check out our new ride and put a few fish on the deck things are looking up for this mom and pop charter business in Orient Point L.I.

I’m not expecting a big response from you but wanted you to know how it has impacted me and my livelihood.

With great respect and admiration,

Capt. Mike Boccio

F/V Prime Time 3
F/V Jenglo

Orient Point, Long Island, NY

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