Popular Morehead City Sportfishing Boat Refit at Jarrett Bay

Jarrett Bay and Gregory Poole Marine partnered to repower the Diamond Girl, a 61′ Spencer Yacht this past Winter. The boat received a pair of Cat’s newest mid-size marine diesel engines, the C12.9s, as well as a new Seakeeper 9 gyro stabilizer.

The Tier 3 compliant C12.9s not only reduce emissions and gain efficiency, but also offer one of Caterpillar’s latest innovations – twin-charging – a principal that utilizes an exhaust gas-driven turbocharger and a belt-driven supercharger together to provide efficient power at all engine speeds. Coupled with some advanced engine management software, the twin-charging concept allows Cat to deliver impressive power figures from a relatively small displacement engine. In fact, the new C12.9 engines have one of the best power to weight ratios in the marine diesel market.

engine room
Twin Cat C12.9s @ 1,000 HP each

Cruise Speed:
1,850 RPM / 23 knots / 57 GPH
1,900 RPM / 23.4 knots / 60 GPH
1,950  RPM / 24.5 knots / 66 GPH


With the new set of engines came a bonus too: the installation of a Seakeeper 9 gyro stabilizer. At anchor or underway, the Seakeeper is an amazing breakthrough in boat and yacht stabilization, providing for passenger comfort in all areas of the boat, even in the tower, by counteracting and dampening the wave forces at play rocking the boat.

So the Diamond Girl has gone high tech not only with their new fuel-sipping and quick-to-plane Cat C12.9 engines, but with the roll-stomping abilities of the Seakeeper gyro. Guests and anglers aboard this charter boat can expect the same expert hands and amazing fishing prowess that has made the Diamond Girl well-known across the tournament circuit, but now they can also enjoy the hushed and unobtrusive new Cat engines and incredibly stabilization provided by the Seakeeper.

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