Capt Rich of the Wasabi (hull #21) recently sent us this great testimonial on how this classic Jarrett Bay stacks up against the competition:

About this Wasabi (old Salty Fare) – I have been on a few boats as a mate & as a Capt over the past 30 years. I can’t tell you how incredible this boat is & I’ve been on em all. I can honestly say this is is the baddest boat I’ve ever run. From Hatteras, Jim smith. Nickerson, Donzi, Whitaker, ocean, Paul Mann, Scarborough & all the Carolina boats I’ve ran. This thing is a lady & a beast all at the same time. On a rough day, I watch em fade in the distance & my curtains are still open! 😜 tell everyone there I said thank you & God Bless them for building such a boat. I’m doing my damnedest to bring her back to a 2 million $ boat & I ain’t got far to go. 😁 granite counter tops, new rounded covering boards, new leather couches, ripping out the walls downstairs & opening her up. The right side will be open to tournament tackle & storage. 😊 we’ll be fishing John’s first ever tournament next year & trust me, when we pull in, people will stop & take pics. 😊
Thanks again.

Capt. Rich Samuel

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