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We had our last boat for 17 years and whenever anything went wrong I had to figure it out on my own and call the OEM to get things addressed. As a result, one of my top criteria on the next vessel was after-purchase support. I spoke to a wide range of people including my insurance company, owners, and former owners, all of whom underscored how dedicated Outer Reef Yachts was even after delivery. We had a great build and commissioning experience where the whole Outer Reef team made sure things were done right including days of hands-on orientation. However, the acid test of this commitment was when the crew delivering our Outer Reef 700 hit a submerged object on the ICW somewhere in the backwater of South Carolina on a Saturday. The Captain and first mate did a great job assessing the damage, which definitely involved the port stabilizer fin and propeller, and securing the vessel. Everything else mechanical was fine so the crew proceeded on one engine a few miles to a remote dock and made the call to tell me about the incident. We then contacted Outer Reef Yachts to put a plan together with their input and within a few hours, Jarrett Bay Boatworks was lined up for the repair work and made a list of key areas that needed to be assessed. It took the crew two days to get to Jarrett Bay and Outer Reef spoke to me and Jarrett Bay’s Project Manager, Keith Tosto every day to make sure the yard was ready when M/Y Ana Luisa arrived. The propeller had to be replaced so the necessary parts were quickly sourced and delivered to Jarrett Bay in order to minimize my downtime due to the repairs. Jarrett Bay is a great facility and did a first-rate job in making the vessel good as new. I am also amazed how above and beyond Outer Reef Yachts went, as an OEM, to assist in making this repair as seamless as possible. In addition, once repaired the vessel performed exactly as designed. If not for Jarrett Bay & Outer Reef, I am pretty sure she would still be on blocks somewhere south. Thank you for letting us get her back so soon and allowing us to already have some great memories with family and friends this season!

M/Y Ana Luisa

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