Marlin Magazine began publishing a series of updates from a variety of industry leaders, from boatbuilders and brokers to lure makers, resort owners and more, starting with this one from Randy Ramsey, President of Jarrett Bay Boatworks.
Obviously, our primary concern right now is for the health and safety of our team, our customers and their families, while we do all we can to help stop the spread. Currently, we are still under normal operations at Jarrett Bay, but we have taken many additional precautions to help keep everyone safe. Like most companies, we have mandated additional personal protection gear, continually disinfect our buildings, tools, doors and workspaces throughout the day, and are limiting the number of people in spaces. We have also asked vendors and visitors to communicate by phone and email when possible.
This is an issue that will have an effect on the entire industry, but this isn’t the first major challenge we have faced. Customers are cautious with work orders at this time, but I think this is a natural reaction when we face uncertainty. We have committed to our employees that we will help them in any way we can and we have no plans for reductions in our workforce. As this passes, I am confident people will be anxious to get back to the life they enjoy, which largely includes boating and fishing.

The boating industry is strong and we will weather COVID-19. I hope we can all look at this as an opportunity to learn and improve our industry’s preparedness for the unexpected, as well as make improvements for the personal well-being of ourselves and all those we care for.

Randy Ramsey
Randy Ramsey

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