Celebrating a New Beginning

A Holiday Message from Randy

For as long as I can recall, I have written a message to reflect on the past year as it comes to a close. Those messages have typically been about our company’s growth and achievements as well as my thoughts as we move into the New Year. The message usually comes easy for me, but this year has been a struggle. Each one of us has a story about the past year, the fear and uncertainty of a pandemic and the financial hardships on our friends and neighbors. Others have lost loved ones as a result of the virus and everyone has been affected in one way or another. The national news seems to enjoy telling us about how many people have been infected and has worked to divide us along political and social views trying to make us believe we only care about ourselves but that isn’t the story of 2020.

Yes, 2020 was filled with challenges, hardship and uncertainty. It was like nothing we have ever experienced, and I hope we never do again. While some would have you only see the hardships, I saw people helping each other by supporting local restaurants and businesses. Innovation about how we could work safely together and protect our loved ones and co-workers. We saw Churches find ways to deliver the Good News in ways we never imagined and communities bonding together to help those with the most need.

When I walk through the shop at Jarrett Bay and I see the team shaping wood into boats, I am reminded of a son of a carpenter born into a world with no room for him except for a manger. A man who would recruit fishermen to help him spread a message of hope for each of us. The story of 2020 was one of difficulty and hardship but more importantly, it was a story of community and hope. As my wife Tiffany reminded me, it is a time for us to celebrate a new beginning and the Joy we can share with each other.

I look forward to 2021 and celebrating our 35th anniversary, but as this year comes to a close, I hope each of you are filled with joy and happiness.

Randy Ramsey
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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