I’m simply writing to say thank you. We were underway two weeks ago and lost both our fuel transfer pumps (user error on mixing up valves which blew both pump fuses). We came in without an appointment and you had someone available immediately. The service tech was extremely friendly, professional, prompt, and we were ready to go in no time. I just received your bill and was floored that you charged me only $68 in labor. (Parts at $16.28 — an assortment of fuses — was extremely reasonable, too.) I really appreciate it: you guys have a phenomenal reputation and it’s easy to see why. The next time I need to get work done on the boat, I will check in with you first to see if we can do it during one of my annual North-South transfer trips.
Thanks very much and have a great season!

Alex S.
70′ Riviera / Belize

Riviera 70
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