Paysage salon finished
Journey to Perfection title
Reproduced with permission from Bluewater Yacht Sales’ OnBoard Magazine, Issue XIV

There comes a time in every good boat’s life when the owners must contemplate the R-word. No, not retirement, but repower… For most owners, this is one of the most significant projects they’ll undertake and is a huge commitment and investment in their yacht. Naturally, the inclination is for the process to be planned and scheduled in a way to get back on the water as quickly as possible. Rarely does a customer come along with the patience and means to delight in the process for a good many years. But that’s what happened with the marathon of improvements made to the 61’ Paysage—what originally started out as a somewhat typical repower, gave way to an inch-by-inch refurbishing.

Paysage story


To tell the full story of the Paysage, we need to go back to the beginning. This hull was designed and built by Gary Davis, grandson of legendary boat builder Ray Davis. When Gary joined the Jarrett Bay Boatworks team as New Construction Superintendent, he brought the nearly complete boat with him to be finished and launched at Jarrett Bay.

At the time of her initial splash in 2000 as Blue Max, her 61-feet made her one of the larger custom Carolina boats around. This hull earned a reputation for a nice dry ride and also for raising fish. She spent a chunk of her history known as Rameseas based out of Wilmington, NC, frequenting the Mid-Atlantic tournaments including successful trips to Bermuda to compete in the Triple Crown events.

After that run as Rameseas, the boat changed hands a couple of times circa 2016, and shortly thereafter was brought back to the Jarrett Bay Marine Park (now Safe Harbor Jarrett Bay) in Beaufort for a repower and a few updates. The new owner was well aware of the heritage and legacy that hull 287 carried with her: born from the hands of the third-generation boat builder, finished to a meticulous standard at Jarrett Bay, and fished at a high level for a family of offshore enthusiasts. The owner was also familiar with Jarrett Bay’s long-standing reputation for exemplary service, repowers and major refits. The impressive talent and obsessive fit and finish put into every project at Safe Harbor Jarrett Bay are what eventually took this repower project from a long-term commitment to a boat-wide overhaul.

Paysage mezzanine


“This has been one of the most thorough refits ever performed at Jarrett Bay,” says Service Manager Steven Blackwell. “This project completely evolved as we moved forward. It came in for a repower and a few updates, but the more we did, the better it looked. The more the owner liked what he saw, the more ideas it generated for what to upgrade next on the boat.”

Every four to five months, the owner would visit to see progress on his boat and provide more input, but overall, he would leave the day-to-day decisions in the capable hands of Blackwell and his team. “He wanted most things new,” Blackwell states. “Not so much based on our recommendations, but to ensure years and years of enjoyment with their renewed boat.” Blackwell explains that a large portion of the cabinetry is original, aside from the new finish and varnish. A few pieces were added and reconfigured, but the cabinets—along with the hull and cabin structure—are essentially the only original items left.

For the repower, the engines of choice were a pair of V12 common rail MAN diesels producing 1,550 horsepower each. MAN’s reputation for longevity and reliability was a deciding factor along with clearances in the engine room— these were the most powerful engines that would still fit in the 20-year-old space. “One of the main challenges our teams faced was getting all the systems to fit,” Blackwell recalls. “It took a huge amount of planning and preparation and foresight to be able to see where everything would go, but now everything looks great and is nice and neat.”

Paysage engine room

Every nook and cranny aboard the Paysage was touched by this major refit. There is new A/V equipment everywhere, new mirrors and fixtures in each head, and new upholstery throughout, including settee, dinette, bar stools and more, compliments of Crystal Coast Interiors. The salon features overhead A/C valances with integrated LED lighting and the galley saw many upgrades to bring it from charter duty to modern luxury. The cabinetry was expanded and reconfigured, and space was made for Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerator and freezer units along with new countertops.

All of these comfort, luxury and modernization efforts were not contained exclusively to the interior. The cockpit underwent a complete retrofit that included creating a full mezzanine with climate control, plus plenty of storage and amenities familiar to the most modern sportfish designs. The bridge settees also feature A/C ductwork and discreet vents while the helm is packed with the latest electronics and climate control too. Both the bridge and mezzanine feature outdoor cushions custom-produced by the Captain’s Shop in Morehead City.

Paysage wiring


Once you’ve been exposed to first-class boat building, you realize that what is seen by the naked eye is just scratching the surface of what goes into a successful project, and the Paysage is no exception. New electrical and mechanical chases were fabricated, both AC and DC breaker panels were replaced, and all of the wiring throughout the yacht was replaced. The gray and fresh water tanks were replaced, which included running new plumbing and a watermaker. The number of thru-hull fittings was reduced thanks to the replumbing of raw water intakes, the A/C system, tankage and more. Speaking of tanks, new fuel tanks were also installed belowdecks.

Every inch of the boat was repainted, including out-of-sight areas in the bilge, under bunks, the anchor locker and the engine and mechanical rooms. The cockpit was meticulously sanded down, faired and repainted as part of the preparation for teak installation. The hull is now a stunning Alexseal Pastel Turquoise with a new boot stripe, bottom paint, and a full black mask on the cabin. The original teak toe rail, bridge cap and cabin trim were all refinished, while a faux teak transom hosts the boat’s new name, glimmering in silver foil.

Filling out the engine room are a new transducer, a Seakeeper 9 gyro stabilizer and a Cat C2.2 genset. Below the waterline, new prop shafts, cutlass bearings, seals, and tuned Wildcat props rounded out the new power train. And, to top it all off, an all-new hardtop was designed and installed by Palm Beach Towers.

Paysage salon

The relationship between Jarrett Bay and the owner of Paysage has been one of great trust and understanding. Blackwell states, “He would give us ideas and we would just run with what would make him happy.” And happy he is. Although this refit consumed a great deal of the calendar, the opportunity to upgrade a proven hull with the latest technology to Jarrett Bay’s renowned fit and finish was well worth it. One can imagine it was somewhat refreshing for the Jarrett Bay service team to work on a project that was less about racing the clock, and more about making sure anything and everything about the boat was just as the owner wanted for the long run.

New adventures for the recently relaunched Paysage will include fun fishing with the family and trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket this coming fall. Given the hull’s pedigree and his family’s growing passion for fishing, the owner won’t rule out the possibility of tournament fishing in the future. Blackwell describes the feeling of renewing an iconic boat: “It’s been great! Our team of tradespeople and shipwrights have put a great deal of pride and passion in this repower and refit.” Of course, one of the most exciting parts of the project is when Blackwell and his team get to pack onto the boat and experience putting all that new technology and power through its paces during sea trials. Among all the refits performed by Jarrett Bay past, present and future, this may be one of the most unique and unforgettable!

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