70′ Exterior Gallery


  1. Brian

    i think this boat is one of the best i’ve ever seen

  2. Michael

    Saw this Beaut in Savannah today. Nicest ever!!

  3. kenneth weeks

    That is an awesome boat, that and the 67′

  4. Jared

    How does this boat compare to the acy 70

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      The difference in a custom Jarrett Bay and any other custom boat is the perfect blend of our rugged hull construction, top notch design and technological advancements, and the relationship between our talented staff and the customer. This combination allows us to deliver a boat that is comfortably ready to fish anywhere in the world under any sea conditions, and more efficient/top performing than any boat in the fleet.

      Our process starts with dialing in exactly what our customer is looking for. We go through hours and hours of “spec’ing” before we start building to ensure that we’re delivering this customers dream, exactly how he/she envisions it.

      We use mostly the same materials as many other builders, marine grade fir, okoume, juniper, tri-cell paneling, etc. The difference is how we strategically utilize these blends of materials to best suit our overall goal: top performance. No two boats that we build will ever be the same. We’re constantly evolving our hull designs and learning from previous builds to make sure that we deliver a boat that can’t be replicated. While we’re grateful for our heritage and tradition, we’re not satisfied with standing still. We’ll always make strides to keep developing, pushing the limits and delivering a first class product.

      The 70’ Jarrett Bay in particular was originally commissioned by MTU as a tournament show/demo boat. Now privately owned, she continues to be one of the fastest sportfishing boats in that size class, ever built.

  5. laissy jean marc

    i m interest for bying an sportifshing 70 ravaganza
    i m living in GABON Africa
    is it possible to get the price new and second hand
    thank you to response

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      Hello, a sales representative will be in touch with you directly via email with more information. Thanks for your interest in Jarrett Bay!


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