46′ Blueprint

Custom Hull #
Splash Date
February, 2011

Our first build to feature pod drives, this yacht was scheduled to deliver to owner Jeff Burton in an unprecedented one year time-frame, debuting at the 2011 Miami Boat Show. Follow along with the Hull 57 Construction Gallery for in-depth descriptions and photos of the entire construction process.

46' 8"
15' 4"
4' 4"
Water Line
41' 3"
Cockpit Area (sq. ft.)
Dry Weight (lbs.)
Fuel Capacity (gal.)
Water Capacity (gal.)
Holding Tanks (gal.)
575 x 2
Pods - ZF
Cruise Speed (kts.)
Cruise RPM
Cruise Fuel Burn (gph)
WOT Speed (kts.)
WOT Fuel Burn (gph)
Interior Layout
46 interior The most unique factor that sets this build apart from the typical Carolina boat is that Mr. Burton opted for an interior helm station. This means no wrap-around mask, but actual forward-facing windows laid into the rounded cabin design. In Jeff’s words, “We’re taking a lot of what you see in a down-east boat that cruises – and apply it to a boat that’s also ready to go hard-core fishing – and in a size that’s something I can manage myself.”

Another exciting interior aspect is the extra space savings under the salon provided by the pod drives fitting under the cockpit. In this case, the Burtons chose a second stateroom for their children, but this volume could also be used as crew quarters or extra storage in an alternate layout – all features you probably wouldn’t be able to squeeze into a boat this size rigged with traditional propulsion.
46 cockpit The cockpit design offers an elevated mezzanine with sofa perched above a centered engine room entrance, with tackle storage to starboard. Jeff chose a gimbaled Release Marine rocket launcher that will allow for considerable space savings and maximum versatility in the pit. Full teak covering boards and Sea Vision under water lights put the finishing touches on the business end.
46 bridgeThe half tower features a super light-weight, yet highly durable, resin-infused molded hard-top that is a key component in providing exceptional fuel efficiency and performance. Additional efficiency is found with the installation of low-voltage (24v) LED spreader lights. Bausch American Towers also designed and installed recessed teaser reels and molded running lights. Rounding out this stylish package are overhead LED tri-color dome lights to showcase her custom bridge rail and rod holders.
46 extras The navigation electronics are based on Furuno’s NavNet technology, utilizing black box processors to feed the 15″ KEP glass bridge displays. This keeps the lines clean and provides Jeff with enough room to monitor radar, sounder, plotter, cameras, Sirius Satellite Weather and even his satellite TV system, at both the bridge and interior helm stations. Icom VHF radios coupled with Comrod antennas have been used as the perfect combination for trouble free communications. To round out the navigation package, a Flir Thermal Camera and ACR Searchlight aids navigation in the early morning hours on the way to the fishing grounds.


  1. Jarrett Bay Boatworks

    We’re excited to publicly announce details about this 46′ Sportfisherman project. We quietly started this commission in January 2010 for NASCAR driver Jeff Burton, and plans are to deliver this landmark build to the Burtons in under a year! This is also our first pod drive-powered custom boat, and it will have many other unique features incorporated into her overall styling and functionality – all truly custom for Jeff and his family.

    Check back often as we will be posting plenty of photos, time lapse video pods and other great ways for you to follow along with the construction of Jeff’s interpretation of the perfect boat.

  2. David Dwight

    Looks like a fun project – can’t wait to see how the graphics wrap looks when it is done. AND it is great to see CMD Marine’s very own Zeus pods and control system making further inroads into the custom sportfish market… not quite the whole system 😉 but I guess half a Zeus is better than no Zeus at all.

  3. Bob Moffat

    Now all Jeff has to do is win the Sprint Championship and his year will be complete. A beautiful new sport fisher and a championship what more can a person ask for. Looking forward to seeing it at the Daytona Marina and Boatworks here in Daytona Beach for the races in February, after the Miami boat show. Again congrats to Jarrett Bay and to Jeff and all that are building a show stopper and winner again.

    The best
    Bob Moffat

  4. jim aitken

    fine looking boat and sure Jeff will be pleased. wondering why c-9,s(575 hp) instead of c-12,s 705 hp as most boats of this size use the c-12. just wondering as i have been selling cat marine engines for 30 years..

    jim aitken

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      With the wheel size limitations on diameter and pitch, the pods used with the c-9 can only transmit into actual thrust a certain amount of real power. Although the gears, casing, etc of the pod would handle the addtional power input from the c-12, there would not be any added thrust applied in the water, due to the propeller limitations.

      Some of the advantage of the pod system is in effeciency gains, enabling similar performance as traditional drive trains which require more hp to accomplish the same speed results.

      Additionally, in this installation, we are implementing many steps in the construction process to cut overall weight, which will further enable better performance with less power.

      Foreman Gary Davis

  5. Jarrett Bay Boatworks

    Jeff Burton’s 46 is in the water & left for the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show on Monday morning. See the action gallery for some running shots from her first sea trial!

  6. jojo

    now if he could only win a race!!!!

  7. Miguel a hernandez

    Send information about your 46 footer. Tnx.

  8. Tony

    How much is Jeff Burton 46\’
    for brand new

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      Hi Tony – you should have just received an email concerning your request. Thanks!!

  9. Cole

    How much is a new 46 convertible and do you have any 42 convertibles and what would be the price on that

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      Thank you for your interest Cole. A new construction representative will be in touch with you directly via email concerning your questions. Thanks!

  10. ron barnes

    why did burton not take delivery of the 46

    • Jarrett Bay Boatworks

      Not sure where you heard that. He took delivery and now he’s hoping to move up.

  11. Abigail

    Hi! im bery intrested in this model! is there any chance you could email me more specs and pricing?

  12. Tom Dougherty

    I am interested in this model. Could you please send me more detailed information and pricing?



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