The Refit Question

From the January 2009 Issue of Yachting Magazine: The average refit, he said, takes about three weeks. The average refit of a larger yacht, say 100 to 150 feet, requires six months, or more. As any good yard will attest, most of the customers are regulars, and the...

Protect That Liquid Gold In Your Fuel Tanks

Many vessels were used very little last year due to the high price of gas and diesel fuel.  Fuels derived from Hydrocarbons have a tendency to break down over a period of time. Gasoline is very susceptible to degradation over the winter months and should always...

Yard Work Tip – Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a silent killer. It can damage numerous components in a vessel, including shafts, props, struts, rudders, sea cocks, and much more, with little warning until the damage is done. It is imperative that zincs are maintained properly so they may provide...
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