Isla Mujeres Action

I will let you be the judge, if your boats fish 2 weeks straight in these conditions, then I think they can pass the test. Watch the video from 1/29, especially you Mr. Gary Davis, this was pretty sporty, we filled the cockpit several times!! Nice rig….. We had...

Many Turned Back That Day

We fished Saturday and did very well in the Wilmington, 4 for 5 on white marlin, some very big fish, nice sulfur line and 1 degree break. My 11 year old son caught two. First time I had the boat in a hard head sea. Ran straight into a SE 3-4 ft head sea tightly packed...

A lot of Compliments

Last week, Jim Sherman, the experienced and very capable electronics technician from Mt. Pleasant Radio, was replacing our ethernet hub in the Marilyn B’s NavNet System. Unsolicited, he gave you (Jarrett Bay) this compliment, “They really did a great job...
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