Jarrett Bay Insider (JBI) is the evolution of the company’s Carolina Flare Insider vlog series documenting the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the construction of our world-class custom sportfish boats. JBI adds new content on the innovations and expertise also applied to the repair and refit of recreational and commercial craft up to 300-tons in our 175-acre full-service facility in Beaufort North Carolina; as well as notable stories about our humble history and our amazing family of boat owners, crew and craftsmen.

Power & Poise – Jarrett Bay Insider Special Feature, Ep 3

It has all led up to this! Jarrett Bay custom hull #48 has enjoyed a bevy of updates and the fitment of North America’s first set of 2433 mhp Cat® C32B engines. Now you can experience her unleashed in the 3rd and final episode of our Jarrett Bay Insider Special Repower Series!

35th Anniversary Series – Pushing the Envelope

In Episode 4 of our 35th Anniversary Series, co-founder Randy Ramsey explains how a $400 piece of paper and naval architect Glen “P-Nut” Haught helped influence the very first & subsequently ever-improving designs of many Jarrett Bay hulls built from our early days and into the future.

35th Anniversary Series – Built on Friendship

The Huddle Family is interwoven into Jarrett Bay’s fabric, and the relationship is about so much more than building 5 boats for 3 generations; It’s about giving us confidence as leaders, about family, about community, and about helping others succeed. And, all of us at Jarrett Bay are ever grateful for their friendship.

35th Anniversary Series – A Community Like No Other

The North Carolina boat building community represents decades of experience, know-how and expertise. But more than anything it represents family and fellowship. Jarrett Bay’s Randy Ramsey looks back on over 4 decades of camaraderie with many legendary Outer Banks boat builders.

Very Special Thanks To:
Carolina Flare: Outer Banks Boatbuilding & Sportfishing Heritage
by Neal, John & Jim Conoley
Available For Sale from Jarrett Bay

35th Anniversary Series – Founding Fathers

Join us for the first installment in our 35th Anniversary series as Jarrett Bay co-founder Randy Ramsey defines the inspiration behind building his first custom boat and the pivotal role that his father Cab Ramsey and Capt. Omie Tillet played throughout the years.

Jarrett Bay Insider, Episode Eight

On the heels of our most-viewed episode to date featuring the walk-through of the Jarrett Bay 84, we address a frequently asked question before jumping into new construction and service projects.

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