Jarrett Bay Insider (JBI) is the evolution of the company’s Carolina Flare Insider vlog series documenting the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the construction of our world-class custom sportfish boats. JBI adds new content on the innovations and expertise also applied to the repair and refit of recreational and commercial craft up to 300-tons in our 175-acre full-service facility in Beaufort North Carolina; as well as notable stories about our humble history and our amazing family of boat owners, crew and craftsmen.

Jarrett Bay Insider, Episode Three

We hope you enjoy this special “distanced” episode of the Jarrett Bay Insider featuring archival footage and walking you through some of the more visual aspects of our cold-molding hull construction process. Like you, we’re all looking forward to getting back to some level of normal, but in the meantime, stay safe, stay positive and we’ll catch you next time!

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