Built on Tradition

When you walk into the buildings of Jarrett Bay Boatworks, you immediately experience the distinct feeling of pride in superior craftsmanship. Your senses become aroused at the smell of the fine, select woods used to construct and accent the interiors of the boats. Your eyes are filled with the beauty of the exaggerated flare and the finely detailed finishing touches. You can’t help but feel the pride that each of our craftsmen have in their work, the security of a family all working towards a common goal, and the sense of tradition — a boat building tradition that includes names like Tillett, O’Neal, Davis, Rose, Guthrie and many others.

Jarrett Bay Boatworks, like many North Carolina builders, can trace its roots to the charter fishing industry off the rich, but sometimes treacherous, fishing grounds along our Atlantic coast. The company’s founders, as well as others now associated with the corporation, were charter fishermen who spent years honing their skills and knowledge in the cockpit and at the helm. Jarrett Bay began in 1986 by building a single boat — a boat of necessity to replace an aging local charter boat. In an old tin shed, the Sensation took shape like many before her.

The boat boasted a knifelike entry, flattening out as you follow the lines aft, yielding an efficient hull capable of weathering heavy seas, and providing a stable fishing platform while in search of marlin, tuna and other game fish.

From the humble beginnings of that shed, Jarrett Bay has expanded into new facilities because of increased demand for our product. Currently, the company is located in Beaufort, North Carolina, on the 175-acre Jarrett Bay Marine Park, directly situated on the Intracoastal Waterway. Here, Jarrett Bay constructs boats up to 120 feet in length, all custom built to the owner’s needs and taste. With a host of marine services and the industry’s best collection of marine suppliers, Jarrett Bay offers a one-stop boat building and service facility unlike any other on the coast.

As you travel by Jarrett Bay, stop in, say hello, and become part of the tradition.

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