From the Jeff Burton 46′ Jarrett Bay Project presented by Marlin Magazine:

I finally got a bit of a break in the season and snuck away to visit my boat under way at Jarrett Bay. Everything seems to be progressing nicely, and the guys have done a lot of work on the interior. All the walls down below are in place, so it’s really starting to look like something.

During our time up at the yard, my wife and I finalized all the wood and veneers (we went with a nice walnut), how we wanted to lay out the flybridge and mezzanine, and picked the best place and orientation for the ladder. Since we have a nice wide beam on this boat, we opted for a sideways-facing ladder to keep folks from stepping on the mezzanine and for an added bit safety (I know the kids will be flying up and down it before too long). Jarrett Bay also installed these really neat bucket seats up on the bridge so the guests can hang out in comfort without bouncing and sliding around like you would on a bench seat.

I also met with the fellas at Bausch & IMS American while I was there to finalize my bridge and electronics details. I went with a resin-infused hard top half tower, with most everything recessed including these new LED low-voltage spreader lights that are brighter but more efficient and safer.

I decided to go with all Furuno gear for the navigation suite and flush-mounted everything here as well. I’m trying to keep everything simple and easy to use from both helm stations, but I still had to add a KVH high-def satellite dome, Fusion Stereo and a FLIR unit to check things while traveling at night. A guy likes his toys!

The engine room is all laid out, and the pod-drive system just gives you a ton of extra room up under the mezzanine — they really change the game with what you can put down below.

The only downside I can see is that you can’t put fish boxes under the cockpit deck. But since I’ve got a small fish box in the transom and a big space under the mezzanine, I can just rely on a nice bag if we really get into them. All in all, the boat looks really good. Jarrett Bay has masterfully combined that wonderful, traditional Carolina flare with more modern lines — just like they promised they would.

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