We were pleased to put our new Farrow Blasting System to use for the first time on Fred Cory’s 36′ Luhrs, Outta Range.

Jeff, I wanted to thank you and Jarrett Bay again. You exceeded my expectations and delivered the boat when promised. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank You,
Fred Cory, Outta Range

farrow blasting 36' Luhrs

The Farrow Blast System was used here to remove bottom paint without harming the gelcoat or the environment, as well as to safely rid the shafts, rudders and struts of paint and debris. Once blasted clean, she received fresh bottom paint – courtesy of Interlux, new zincs and a prop inspection to ensure that they are true and balanced.

Big thanks to Mr. Cory and the Outta Range for serving as our first Farrow Blasting project!

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